Application for Enrolment

Notes to Application

  1. The documents shall be prepared before application:
    • Business Registration Certificate or equivalent document(s)
    • Supporting Documents

      Applicants shall submit the following material testing reports or certificates issued by local or international (e.g. Europe Union) accredited laboratories, inspection bodies or certification bodies in order to demonstrate the compliance of the concerned product with the relevant “non-plastic” requirements:

      • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) material analytical report (or equivalent document(s)), showing the major composition of the concerned product; or
      • For paper-based product containing water-based barrier coating (if applicable):
        • Test report showing compliance with the repulpability standard (score not less than 70) as specified in the Group Standard “Water-based Coated Paper Cup (including Water-based Coated Carton Paper” (T/CPA 001-2021) and its relevant amendment issued by the China Paper Association (or equivalent document(s)); or
        • Certificate of “plastic-free product” recognised in European Union (or equivalent document(s)); or
      • For non-pulp product (e.g. wooden fork, bamboo knife etc.) without any additives (if applicable):

      *Remarks: Applicants shall submit at least ONE material testing report or certificate for the same type of tableware of similar structure/use. For example, for a hot-drink cup and a cold-drink cup product, if they are of similar structure/use, applicants may submit the material testing reports or certificates of either one of the products. If necessary, the Secretariat may further request the applicants to provide supplementary documents to confirm whether the concerned products comply with the requirements of the proposed regulation.

    • Other Documents (Optional)

      Other certificates or test reports related to the products or the suppliers, for reference of the F&B industry or the public. The relevant documents include but not limited to:

      • Composition analysis reports (e.g. composition analysis of additives)
      • Food safety testing reports
      • Other testing reports (e.g. chemical stability, heat resistance, etc.)
      • Other documents (e.g. certificates related to quality management)

  2. Applicants shall submit their applications via the online application system. Please click the “Start Application Now” button below for initiating the application procedures and follow the instructions to fill in the required information and upload a copy of your valid Business Registration Certificates, the supporting documents for your products as well as other relevant documents as mentioned above. After clicking the “Submit” button, applicants shall submit the relevant product samples to the Secretariat by post or in person to the address below, in order to complete the application process. If applicants would like to access to or correct your information submitted, applicants may contact the Secretariat by the information shown in “Contact Us”.

    Secretariat of Green Tableware Platform
    Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency
    19/F., K. Wah Centre,
    191 Java Road,
    North Point, Hong Kong

  3. Notes to Submission of Product Samples:
    1. Six (6) product samples. For an application for more than one products which are made of different materials (e.g. a cup made of Material A and another cup made of Material B), the applicants shall submit six (6) product samples for each product.
    2. For ease of identification, applicants shall label each product sample with the following information:
      • Name of tableware supplier
      • Product name
      • Product code
    3. If necessary, the Secretariat may conduct further testing to confirm whether the product samples comply with the requirements of the proposed regulation.

  4. Incomplete or erroneous information in the application form may lead to delay or suspension of the application process.

  5. The personal data submitted by the applicants will be handled in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.
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Organisation Information:

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Terms and Conditions

Please read the “Terms and Conditions” carefully before using the online application system of the Green Tableware Platform ("Platform"). By clicking the "I Agree" button shown at the bottom of this page, you are deemed to have accepted and be bound by these terms and conditions.

We, the Applicant, acknowledge the enrolment services (“Services”) provided by this Platform that will conduct assessment on the information submitted by us, including personal information, company information, product information, product samples, material testing reports or certificates and other related documents, in order to demonstrate the compliance of the concerned products with the requirements of the "Scheme on Regulation of Disposable Plastic Tableware". Failure to provide the specific information required may result in inability to obtain the relevant enrolment service. This Platform may use the relevant information for various related purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Displaying the information of enrolled non-plastic disposable tableware suppliers in the "List of Suppliers"
  • Displaying the information of enrolled non-plastic disposable tableware products in the "List of Tableware Products"

We declare that all information, licenses, permits, test reports, certification certificates or other supporting documents submitted in the application process are true, accurate and complete, and we guarantee that all information and documents provided for the assessment are true, accurate and complete.

We understand and accept that if we fail to meet the requirements of these terms and conditions, the Platform may immediately suspend or withdraw our application, reject to assess, or reject to renew the enrolled products.

We understand and realise the risk that the Services will not and cannot exhaustively list out the products’ specifications and performance. Upon enrolment, we undertake to comply with the requirements of the Services and relevant laws and regulations, and to ensure that the enrolled products as supplied are consistent with the product descriptions as displayed on this Platform. Upon successful enrolment, we shall notify the Secretariat as soon as possible when any change of the following matters occurs:

  1. The product information and other relevant documents as described or provided on this Platform;
  2. Legal status, production and operation status, ownership;
  3. The administrative licensing qualification, compulsory certification or other qualification certificates obtained;
  4. The legal representative and the person in charge in the self-declaration;
  5. The workplace and/or its address of production, operation or service; or
  6. Significant changes to essential procedures.

We understand that the Environmental Protection Department (“EPD”) and the Secretariat of this Platform are not responsible for any loss or damage arising out of/in connection with any information (including data or programs) contained on this Platform. EPD and the Secretariat of this Platform reserve the right, in their absolute discretion, to omit, suspend or edit any information contained on this Platform at any time without giving any reason and without prior notice. Users are responsible for making their own assessment of all information contained on this Platform and are advised to verify such information, for example, by making reference to original publications and obtaining independent advice before acting upon it.

We have read and agreed to the contents of the above terms and conditions.

Self- declaration

We hereby declare and confirm that:

  • We accept the contents of the Terms and Conditions contained in the "Notes to Application" of this Platform as well as other modifications and/or additions made by EPD from time to time and agree to be bound by them.
  • We meet the application requirements as specified in the "Notes to Application".

We declare that all the information provided in the application process is true and correct to the best of our knowledge and belief. We understand that false or misleading information will lead to cancellation of the application.

We understand that EPD and the Secretariat of this Platform will conduct assessment in accordance with the requirements specified in the "Notes to Application". If we cannot meet the requirements specified in the "Notes to Application", the Secretariat may cancel our application.

Upon successful application, we authorize EPD and the Secretariat of this Platform to share the information submitted by us on this Platform.

We have read and signed the above self-declaration.