List of Suppliers

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  Organisation Registration Number Organisation Name Phone Number Website Email Address District Types of Tableware Provided
C00002 High Win Packaging Limited (852)2866 9722 香港 Cup Cup lid 木餐具 Fork Lunch box
C00004 EMCONNION TECH COMPANY LIMITED (852)2811 9282 WWW.EMCONNION.COM CS@EMCONNION.COM 香港 Cup Fork Knife Spoon Chopsticks Stirrer Lunch box Soup bowl Cup lid Straw 筷子
C00005 ECOINNO (H.K.)LIMITED (852) 3619 3406 香港 Lunch box Food container Lid Soup bowl Cup Cup lid Knife Fork Spoon 砂鍋 Plate Sauce box
C00007 HANS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED (852)24127772 香港 Lunch box Sauce box Soup bowl Spoon Cup Cup lid Knife Fork Stirrer Straw Food container Lid
C00008 Artpack Paper Bag Limited (852)27959757 香港 Cup Fork Spoon Knife Straw Plate Soup bowl 漢堡包盒 多用途小食盒 Lunch box Cup lid
C00009 SUN CHEONG HONG STATIONERY & PAPER (852)24224960 香港 Fork 煮食用紙 Cup Lunch box Stirrer Spoon Knife Straw 竹筷子 竹簽 Food container Lid 竹籤 竹籤
C00010 SUPPLY CHING COMPANY LIMITED (+852)98584869 香港 Soup bowl Spoon Knife Fork Cup Lunch box Food container Lid Cup lid
C00011 VEGWARE HONG KONG LIMITED (+852)21274489 香港 For cold salads, desserts and deli treats. Cup Knife, fork, spoon with napkin Knife Fork Spoon Stirrer Burger Box Lunch box Food container Lid Plate Sauce box
C00012 FMC manufacturing co.,ltd (852)25540194 香港 Straw Knife Fork Spoon 筷子及羹 Cup lid Soup bowl Food container Lid Cup
C00014 TUNG KEE PLASTIC BAGS TRADING CO (852)23823322 香港 Knife Fork Spoon Stirrer 串燒 Lunch box Soup bowl Plate
C00016 H-SQUARE HOSPITALITY TOTAL SOLUTION COMPANY LIMITED (852)52255583 香港 Lunch box Cup Cup lid Food container Lid Plate Straw Fork Knife Spoon Stirrer Chopsticks Sauce box
C00018 ECHO TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL LIMITED (852)23897817 香港 Spoon Knife Fork
C00019 Wah Fat Household Wares Ltd. (852)3549 3600 香港 Lunch box Plate Food container Lid Fork Cup Cup lid
C00021 CS Global Development Company Limited (852)37020917 香港 Fork Spoon Stirrer Knife
C00023 Palron New Materials Company Limited (852)27556573 香港 Spoon Fork Knife Lunch box Cup Cup lid Soup bowl
C00025 CREATIVE FOODSERVICE & PACKAGING LTD (+852)23682780 香港 Knife Fork Spoon Stirrer Plate Food container Lid 竹籤 Lunch box
C00028 Sabert Asia Holdings Ltd (852)25449280 香港 Lunch box Soup bowl Fork Knife Spoon Food container Lid
C00029 CHI SANG HONG (852)24781981 香港 Spoon Knife Fork Stirrer 快子 Straw
C00030 XIAMEN WEI MON ENVIRONMENTAL MATERIALS CO., LTD (86)15159299081 中国福建省厦门市同安区 Cup
C00031 DAISHOWA PAPER PRODUCTS & PACKAGING ( H.K. ) CO., LIMITED (852)29722880 香港 Cup Cup lid Lunch box Food container Lid Knife Fork Spoon Soup bowl
C00032 GUANGZHOU JUNCHUO SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD (+86)16620398805 中国广东 Knife Fork Spoon Stirrer
C00034 ECO-PARK HOLDINGS LIMITED (+852)35291251 香港 Knife Spoon Fork Stirrer Straw
C00035 Sustainable Planet Limited (852)66885624 香港 Cup Fork Straw
C00037 EXCELLENCE POWER TECHNOLOGY LIMITED (852)66082797 香港 Straw Knife Fork Spoon Stirrer 筷子
C00040 Easeca Trading Company Limited (+852)27863002 香港 Knife Fork Spoon Stirrer Cup lid Straw chopstick 沙律碗
C00041 Banyan Packaging (HK) Limited (+852)39762323 Hong Kong Cup
C00043 ABM World Limited (852)96228808 香港 Lunch box Cup Knife Spoon Fork
C00044 Limited (+852)21277777 香港 Knife Fork Spoon Stirrer Soup bowl Cup
C00045 KING SUN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. (852)2463 0883 香港 Knife Fork Spoon Stirrer
C00046 HONG KONG CUP PRODUCTS MANUFACTORY LIMITED (852)37286500 香港 Fork Knife Spoon Straw Cup Cup lid Stirrer
C00047 GOODBO(H.K.) LIMITED (852)26772350 香港 Lunch box Spoon Fork Knife
C00051 TAW Holdings Limited (+852)51612188 香港 Lunch box
C00052 HUHTAMAKI HONG KONG LIMITED (852)34037967 香港 Fork Food container Lid Cup Knife Spoon Cup lid
C00054 Kampery Development Limited (852)31814429 香港 Straw 筷子 Knife Fork Spoon 餐具套裝 Cup Cup lid Soup bowl Sauce box Lunch box
C00055 Hoi Fai Environmental Products Group Ltd. (852)3549 3699 香港 Spoon Fork Knife
C00058 EKO ENTERPRISE LIMITED (+852)31882805 香港 Straw
C00059 WISE (NANO) COMPANY LIMITED (+852)6192085 香港 Lunch box Knife Spoon Fork
C00063 FAR EAST HOTEL SUPPLIES CO., LTD (852)28878551 Hong Kong Spoon Knife Fork
C00065 TREASURE GO (852)29501199 香港 Knife Fork Spoon
C00068 GreeN-able Ecotech Limited (+852)53779668 香港 Cup lid Knife Fork Spoon Sauce box Lunch box Soup bowl Food container Lid Cup 刀叉纸巾牙签餐具包 匙叉纸巾牙签 匙筷子纸巾牙签 筷子
C00070 HOMELOVER PRODUCTS LIMITED (852)2333 0322 Hong Kong Spoon Fork Knife
C00071 Galaxy Paper Innovation Ltd (852)26738388 香港 Cup Straw Soup bowl Lunch box 煮食紙 餐用筷子 串燒 餐用 Stirrer
C00073 Perfect Solution (Hong Kong) Ltd. (852)3113 4219 香港 Cup lid Spoon Sandwich Box 爆谷筒 可盛載菜、飯、三文治、各種小食等街頭美食
C00074 CORNTECH LIMITED (+852)27822830 香港 Cup Knife Fork Spoon Cup lid Lunch box Soup bowl Straw
C00078 Detpak Hong Kong LTD (+852)24203811 香港 Cup Lunch box